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“The Poetry of C. Liegh McInnis is a creative and energetic find.  Matters of Reality matters!”
Nikki Giovanni, Poet/scholar/activist

“I’m not an English scholar, nor do I regularly read poetry, but the work of C. Liegh McInnis is both intellectually stimulating and easy to read.  His work is from the heart not the classroom.  Yet, it is complex.  No matter how many times I read his poems, I always find something new.”
Jennifer Davis, College Student

“C. Liegh is always searching and redefining who he is as a person and as a writer.  His work reflects this search.  It is honest, engaging, in your face, and inquisitive.  And, he manages to package it all in his own unique style.”
Maxine Jackson, Actress/Writer

“A creative thinker and stylist, C. Liegh is maturing fast.  I believe this flower will bloom.”
Dr. Annie J. Cistrunk, Chair (retired), Jackson State University

“C. Liegh McInnis’ work explodes with energy, honesty, and creativity.  His poems always manage to speak to the specific issue of real life problems.”
Dr. Marie O’Banner Jackson, Professor, Jackson State University

ISBN:  0-9655775-1-1