C. Liegh McInnis is an instructor of English at Jackson State University, the former publisher and editor of Black Magnolias Literary Journal, the author of eight books, including four collections of poetry, one collection of short fiction (Scripts:  Sketches and Tales of Urban Mississippi), one work of literary criticism (The Lyrics of Prince:  A Literary Look at a Creative, Musical Poet, Philosopher, and Storyteller), one co-authored work, Brother Hollis:  The Sankofa of a Movement Man, which discusses the life of legendary Mississippi Civil Rights icon Hollis Watkins, and the former First Runner-Up of the Amiri Baraka/Sonia Sanchez Poetry Award sponsored by North Carolina State A&T.  He has presented papers at national conferences, such as College Language Association and the Neo-Griot Conference, and his work has appeared in The Southern Quarterly, Bum Rush the Page: A Def Poetry Jam, Down to the Dark River:  An Anthology of Poems on the Mississippi River, The Pierian, Black Gold:  An Anthology of Black Poetry, Sable, New Delta Review, The Black World Today, In Motion Magazine, MultiCultural Review, A Deeper Shade, New Laurel Review, ChickenBones, Oxford American, Journal of Ethnic American Literature, B. K. Nation, Red Ochre Lit, and Brick Street Press Anthology.  In January of 2009, C. Liegh, along with eight other poets, was invited by the NAACP to read poetry in Washington, DC, for their Inaugural Poetry Reading celebrating the election of President Barack Obama.  He has also been invited by colleges and libraries all over the country to read his poetry and fiction and to lecture on various topics, such creative writing and various aspects of African American literature, music, and history.  McInnis can be contacted through Psychedelic Literature, 203 Lynn Lane, Clinton, MS  39056, (601) 383-0024, psychedeliclit@bellsouth.net.  For more information, checkout his website www.psychedelicliterature.com.

For further reading, the following articles by C. Liegh can be found on the internet.

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"What Happens When Society Does not Realize the Innate Socio-Political Nature of Art?"
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