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Below are links to African American writers, other artists, and literary organizations who are using their talents to make this world a more beautiful place.  Also included are a few African American ancestors who provided a blueprint for today's work.

African American Readings List

African American Review (literary journal)

African American Literary Book Club (literary club)

AJC (rapper/singer/poet)

Margaret Walker Alexander (poet, novelist, professor, and archivist)

JSU Margaret Walker Alexander Center

Alternate Roots (arts and activism service organization)

Jolivette Anderson, here, and here (poet, scholar, and activist)

Angela Ball and here (poet and professor)

Amiri Baraka, here, and here (poet, playwright, editor, scholar, and activist)

Black Scholar (political/literary journal)

Benjamin Bradley (photographer)

Charlie R. Braxton, here, and here (poet, playwright, editor, cultural critic, and literary activist)

Ezra Brown and here (musician and artistic activist)

Callaloo (literary journal)

Cave Canem (African American Writers Center)

Civil Rights Movement Archives and here (histories, stories, materials, and images by freedom movement veterans, including poetry)

Tongo Eisen-Martin and here (poet, educator, editor, and activist)

Thomas Sayers Ellis (poet, professor, and editor)

Nikki Finney, here, here, and here (poet, professor, editor, and activist)

First of the Month.org (journal that publishes poetry, fiction, essays, and journalism)

Foxfire Ranch  (African-American owned Ranch and Resort)

Amanda Furdge, here, and here (poet and activist)

Furious Flower Poetry Center (designed to advanced the genre of African American poetry)

Nikki Giovanni (poet, professor, editor, activist)

Eddie S. Glaude, Jr., here, and here (professor, scholar, and race man)

Maryemma Graham, here, and here (professor and literary theorist)

Derrick Harriell, here, and here (poet, professor, and editor)

Historically Black College and University (HBCUs) and here

HBW:  The Project on the History of Black Writing (website of historical analysis of black writing)

The Jackson Advocate (one of the nation's oldest black-owned newspaper)

Jackson State University Creative Writing Program and here (website and radio interview for program)

Saddi Khali, here, and here (poet and photographer)

Etheridge Knight and here (poet)

Langston Hughes Center (center for the study of Langston Hughes and the culture that produced him)

Kiese Laymon, here, and here (novelist, essayist, and professor)

Haki Madhubuti/Third Word Press Inc., here, and here (writer/publishing company)

Tony Medina, here, and here (poet, professor, editor, children's book author, and activist)

E. Ethelbert Miller, here, and here (poet, editor, professor, and literary activist)

Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience, here, and, here (The MAX) [Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Hall of Fame and Cultural Center)

Mississippi Center for Cultural Production (Sipp Culture) [artist education and activist organization]

Mississippi Writers List (Starkville High School Mississippi writers project)

Mosaic Magazine (literary journal)

Obsidian Literature and Arts of the African Diaspora (literary journal)

Sunni Patterson (writer, spoken word artist, activist)

Sterling Plumpp and here (poet and professor)

Poet of Truth aka Kanika Welch and here (poet and culinary artist)

Portside.org (national and international news and culture periodical)

Kevin Powell, here, and here (poet, editor, filmmaker, cultural critic, and activist)

Howard Rambsy/Cultural Front and here (professor/literary theorist and literary archives)

Kenton Rambsy and here (professor/literary theorist)

Rhonda Richmond, here, and here (musician/songwriter/singer)

Red Pencil Publicity and Marketing (specializes in promoting non-fiction)

Sable Literary Journal (literary journal)

Kalamu ya Salaam, here, and here (poet, playwright, editor, literary theorist, and activist)

Mona Lisa Saloy and here (poet, professor, literary theorist, and cultural worker)

Sonia Sanchez, here, and here (poet, professor, editor, and activist)

Sharan Strange and here (poet, professor, and editor)

Angie Thomas, here, and here (novelist, producer, and activist)

Askia M. Toure, here, and here (poet, professor, activist)

Natasha Trethewey, here, and here (poet and professor)

Valley Voices/John Zheng, here, and here (literary journal and poet/professor)

Alice Walker, here, and here (poet, novelist, essayist)

Frank X. Walker and here (poet, educator, essayist)

Jerry W. Ward, here, and here (poet, professor, editor, and literary theorist) Jerry W. Ward's Blog

Jesmyn Ward, here, and here (novelist and essayist)

Ida B. Wells Barnett, here, and here (journalist and activist)

Cornel West and here (professor, scholar, and race man)

Cassandra Wilson, here, and here (musician/songwriter/singer)

Richard Wright and here (novelist, essayist, and poet)